Rakhi legend of Santoshi Ma

Shubh and Labh were the two sons of lord Ganesha. On Raksha Bandhan, lord Ganesha’s sister visited his place and tied a Rakhi on Ganesha’s wrist. The two boys become frustrated and sad that they don’t have any sister to celebrate Raksha Bandhan festival with.

Hence, they asked their father Ganesha for a sister, but to no avail. Finally, saint Narada appears who persuades lord Ganesha that a daughter will enrich him as well as his sons.

Ganesha agreed, and created a daughter (who is worshiped as goddess Santoshi Ma) by divine flames that emerged from Ganesha’s wives’ offerings, Riddhi (Amazing) and Siddhi (Perfection).

Thereafter, Shubh and Labh (literally “Holy Profit”) had a sister named Santoshi Ma (literally “Goddess of Satisfaction”), who loved and protected each other.