Rakhi return gift tradition

Tradition of Rakhi Return Gifts

During the occasion of Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi festival, sister ties sacred rakhi thread on her brother’s wrist and brother gives a return rakhi gift to the sister.

This tradition of rakhi return gift is very popular these days, especially in urban areas. These days, even sisters gives rakhi gift for brothers.

The history of Raksha Bandhan is also full of such instances of return gifts – be it Bali, Porus or Humayun, all of them gave a gift (in some form as return for the sacred bond of Rakhi) to their Rakhi sisters. Thus, giving or sending Rakhi return gifts are a very integral part of the Rakhi festival tradition.

Rakhi return gifts may include cash, jewelry, decorative items, cosmetics, electronic goods, sweets, chocolates etc.

Tradition of Cash distribution as Gifts

Presenting returns gifts to sisters on the Rakhi day is the oldest tradition that is followed since ages. In old days, cash was the primary rakhi gift given as a rakhi return gift to the sister. In many households, it is still a very viable way of giving rakhi return gifts. Earlier, this amount used by anywhere from ₹ 1 to ₹ 21. Nowadays, it ranges from anywhere between ₹ 101 to ₹ 1001 and onward.

The tradition and practice of giving Rakhi return gifts is very popular these days. And people of also very choosy about the kind of gifts they want from their siblings. Hence, our advice is to understand the taste of your sibling really well before deciding on a gift this Rakhi.

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